Get Involved and Make a Difference!

From organizing events to taking on one of our exciting challenges right through to supporting our social media and admin teams, there’s loads for you to get stuck into.

Volunteer Today

To be an upright and productive Muslim, there is more we must do than listening to lectures, attending seminars, and going to the masjid. A Muslim must have a positive impact on his/her community.

Volunteerism is not a new concept in Islam.

That’s right! Allah (swt) loves to see the believers doing more and above what is commanded upon them. That includes volunteering your time, money, skills, and efforts to serve your community.

Allah says in the Holy Qur’an,

“And whoever volunteers good [i.e. excess] – it is better for him” (Holy Qur’an 2:184)

“And whoever volunteers good – then indeed, Allah is Appreciative and Knowing.” (Holy Qur’an 2: 158)

Join Us Now!

So do you want  to help the center and your fellow human beings and reap the rewards that your kindness and generosity brings?

  • Join us now and make a difference to those most in need.
  • We have a number of exciting events and challenges to choose from so get stuck in and change lives today!
  • You can be a part of our volunteer team and take advantage of the many opportunities we offer! From internships to events right through to fundraising and promoting awareness, there are so many ways that you can make a positive impact on the world.
  • Whatever your age, background and interests, we have something for everyone!

Al-Mahdi Islamic Center and it’s projects only function because of all the volunteers who lend their time, effort and expertise to the Center in its day to day operations, community projects and in maintaining the Center building; May Allah (swt) accept everyone’s efforts. We encourage the wider community to volunteer.

So, if you are interested and have time to give; then please fill out the below registration Form and submit your interest.

And if there are other expertise or other types of voluntary support you can offer then please also get in touch and don’t forget to invite your friends too.

Our volunteer policy can be viewed here.


  • Assisting in various administrative tasks related to the day-to-day running of the mosque
  • Assisting in various administrative tasks related to organizing different events and activities, including the initial mosque opening


  • Assisting in preparing the Center’s facility rooms and prayer hall
  • Assisting in keeping all the public spaces inside the Center clean and tidy


  • Helping to update and maintain the Center’s website
  • Helping to update the Center’s social media presence
  • Creating content for the website and social media channels
  • Helping with other general IT issues relating to the IT and communications infrastructure of the Center.


  • Liaising with the fundraising coordinator
  • Running bucket collections and collecting donations

If you would like to sign up for volunteering opportunities within the center or around the city to help our communities in different ways, please fill in the required information below and you will be contacted to meet and complete the registration process.