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Al-Mahdi Islamic School (Sunday)


Mission Statement

Our mission, at Al-Mahdi Islamic School is to provide an essential Islamic education for all students in a safe and healthy environment.


Vision Statement

To foster our students’ optimal potential and leadership skills by inculcating a spirit of lifelong learning and belief based on Islamic principles.

Belief Statement

Faith, knowledge, and good deeds are the keys to our children’s success.

The Ja’afari School of Ahlul Bayt is the basis for our beliefs and practices, and because every student is unique in physical, spiritual, social, intellectual, and emotional needs and attribute, we strive to help them grow stronger through spiritual learning.

The focus of Islamic Principles in the curriculum with an emphasis on ideology and morality is necessary to instill proper values and behavior in students, and to prepare them to be Mo’amins (practicing and believing Muslims).

For more information about the school, curriculum or registration process, please call (615) 260-0747 or send us an Email.

Islamic School

The mission of the AIS Educational Programs is to provide its students a high-quality education within Islamic Studies, Quran, and Arabic Language.

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